Who we are

We are broadcast engineers who saw a chance to make a critical difference.

Our co-founder and senior engineer brings 43 years of broadcast engineering experience to iBase Broadcast Systems. From a chief engineer of network affiliates, to VP of engineering for a worldwide network, he has always been a hands-on engineer with the knowledge and ability to get the job done.

Our other co-founder and senior software engineer, simply put, is the best in his field. More than just a desk jockey, he’s been in the trenches of the broadcast industry for twenty years and knows both the problems, and solutions to resolve the most difficult broadcast automation logistics problems. He’s a software engineering expert. He is a broadcast engineering expert. He’s the best of both worlds.

We are a goal oriented business.

Our Goals for the broadcast industry are simple – but we set our goals high. Our goals are to bring you solutions for bottom line cost savings for the broadcast industry and we set our goals high.

With our goals in mind we have worked to develop and implement “industry best” solutions to the most crucial parts of the broadcast infrastructure.

Goal Number One

Develop the best automation server and media management software that dramatically reduce your acquisition costs and create real savings in long term operational expenses.

How would we achieve this goal?

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Goal Number Two

We would integrate it for you.

How would we achieve this goal?

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Goal Number Three

We developed I.E.S. support.

How would we achieve this goal?

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It wasn’t easy. But we achieved our goals.

Our goals will always be your goals. We’re broadcast engineering professionals and we understand how important your goals are to your company and engineering team. You need someone you can trust to partner with you to achieve those goals – both for your engineering team and your company.

You can trust iBase Broadcast Systems for your critical broadcast infrastructure. We’ll be there beside you, and for you every step of the way.

Whether it’s the best in broadcast automation, media management and scheduling software, or systems integration, our hope is that you will your trust in iBase Broadcast Systems…and finally…you can rest easy.