Our Story

Our story in short is - We know broadcasting.

Now, that’s the short of it all - but please take a moment to read the rest of the story and understand why.


First part of the story - what we are not.

We are not.... sofa jocks. We have not sat in our pajamas playing video games in our mother’s basements hoping she will raise our allowance so we might be able to afford another Double Ristretto Venti Half-Soy Nonfat Decaf Organic Chocolate Brownie Iced Vanilla Double-Shot Gingerbread Frappuccino Extra Hot With Foam Whipped Cream Upside Down Double Blended, One Sweet'N Low and One Nutrasweet, with ice…. next time we decide to go out. ( well maybe our kids have, and trust us, because of that - we completely understand the Millennials )

Second part of the story - what we are.

We have been founded by broadcast engineers with a passion for the industry who saw a chance to make a critical difference.

Our VP of Product Development and Sales has over 42 years of hands-on experience as a Television Broadcast Engineer. Everything from an Assistant Chief to the VP of Engineering - he’s designed, built, and maintained systems from the front of the camera to the tip of the antenna. Yes he’s been there - and yes - he’s done that. (He’ll even be glad to share some war stories with you. Only upon request of course.)

Our VP of Software Development has over 20 years of hands-on experience as a Television Broadcast Engineer. While he worked to maintain top performance of his facility he either was the sole developer or leader of highly skilled teams to create proprietary database and automation software for major networks. He has also worked in support for various broadcast automation server companies. He was the one everyone asked for when they called. (He’ll probably be the one that answers the phone if you ever need tech support. No worries. He’ll be awake at his desk in front of his computer screen drinking his Redbulls and eating his favorite Ramen Noodles)

So the story is really simple - the ideas for what would become iBase Broadcast Systems were born in the oftentimes frustrating engineering trenches of the 24/7 broadcast industry.

We had gotten tired of the BS from the slick sales person of the broadcast automation vendors, the buggy software that someone in the front office apparently thought looked really “cool”, the answering services for emergencies at 2 am, and the general managers that wondered “What the @$#* just happened to my commercial break. Then when we called tech support - we got an answering service. Then, later, when we finally got tech support - the first thing they said was “Have you filled out the on-line service request?... but oh, it doesn’t matter anyway, I see you’re not on the Gold Support Plan.” Then if we were somehow lucky enough to get help they said “I’m not sure what your problem is. I’ll have to get in touch with level 2 support.” …….You know the drill.

So, with many of the above scenarios fresh in our minds, we formed iBase Broadcast Systems and we wanted our company to be different from the start.

We would assemble our systems using rock-solid, reliable, high performance, yet nonproprietary parts. Then we would seek to work hand in hand with some of the greatest minds in hardware and software development….and we would work until we were sure it was right. We would build-in redundancy and create ways to bypass many hardware failures. We knew this would create high reliability and prevent customer frustration. But if you ever needed support, we would establish a 800 support number manned by a real, live, engineer. No matter if it was a holiday, no matter what time day or night, you would have a real, live, knowledgeable, broadcast support engineer that understood the urgency of your matter and would be ready to do whatever it takes to resolve any issue. (If needed be he could be in your system in a matter of seconds to help get you back on-line)

Then, in the case of a rare hardware failure, we would make sure to always stock exact replacement parts. We would even offer a “spares” kit (sold at our cost) to enable us to work with your engineer so that we could solve your issue remotely. If all else failed we would have a free loaner server ready to be shipped.

Finally there was the cost of broadcast automation systems.

Since we knew the stories of broadcast engineers who were tired of being quoted prices for automation systems that caused them to be placed on permanent blood pressure medication and take Xanax before they shared the quote with the Director of Engineering, we would figure out a way to get the costs down.

It would not be easy... Good software and hardware would not be cheap…. so we formed a plan to communicate with vendors to buy in bulk. This would drastically reduce our cost.( by the way - the plan worked) What is iBase Broadcast Systems? We are wire pulling, hardware installing, network configuring, software writing, get down and do the grunt-work, maniac broadcast engineers who wanted to build the best broadcast automation system available.

Make no doubt about it….we did.

We are iBBS...and we know broadcasting. Been there - done that.

Our pleasure to serve you

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