Goal Number Three

We developed I.E.S. support.


How would we achieve this goal?

As broadcast engineering professionals, we understood the need for systems support. We have overseen revenue producing broadcast systems and we had been expected to keep our downtime to ZERO. We were tired of answering services and delayed call backs for systems support. We needed support and we needed it right then. It was so frustrating! That’s why we conceived and developed iBase Broadcast Systems Instant Engineering Support (IES) hotline. You would not get an answering service, you would not get voice mail, you would not be left to sweat it out waiting for a call back if you had a problem.

Instant Engineering Support - I.E.S. would mean-what-it-means. INSTANT ENGINEERING SUPPORT!

You dial the I.E.S. hotline and instantly you have a top-level support engineer on the phone. He would log into your system immediately and fix the problem for you if need be. You could rest easy.