Goal Number One

Develop the best automation server and media management software that dramatically reduce your acquisition costs and create real savings in long term operational expenses.


How would we achieve this goal?

iBase Broadcast Systems would develop the best-in-industry Automation Servers and Media Management software to save your company money at every level.

We were tired of the absorbent costs and headaches associated with broadcast automation servers – so we decided to create our own. Our goal was to create a superior automation server at a fraction of the cost the “big guys” were asking. We knew we would have to make our broadcast automation servers better… period. We would offer superior “off the shelf” hardware and industry best broadcast automation software. To be truly competitive, we knew we would have to produce the best systems in the industry, we would have to offer the best support, and we would have to do it cheaper than everybody else….…period.

Even with these huge challenges in mind, we knew we could not settle to be second best. We knew the broadcast automation server industry was large and very competitive. So, how would we be able to challenge the Goliath’s of the industry?

To achieve our goals iBase would partner with Elements, the top developers in the industry, to offer the best multichannel servers. We would offer the best in reliable playback for all resolutions of HD/SDI and simultaneous UDP playout. We would offer fully integrated animated graphics with ease of operation for each channel. iBase would use our systems to function from our own centrally implemented universal media database (UMDB). This would exponentially increase personnel efficiency. Then, we would develop the best central scheduling abilities to make it possible to reliably operate and schedule our broadcast automation from anywhere. With one to one thousand channels that were located at any location – the process could be executed with minimal personnel. Then, iBase would tie everything together to operate as one powerful, massively efficient system.

We would call our system DAVID.

D.igital A.udio V.ideo I.nfrastructure for D.istribution and playback

We thought, the Goliath’s would laugh… but not for long.